Girls Volleyball Tournament

Congratulations to the girls Volleyball team as they made it to the finals in the St. Agnes Invitational Tournament over the weekend. The event was a huge success with huge thanks to Mrs. Turberfield and Mrs. Fehr for organizing the event. Thank you to all volunteers for helping to make this event such a success!

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Adopt-a-School Winners!!!

St Agnes School thanks all of its friends and families for the incredible support in the Indigo Adopt a School Love of Reading Campaign.

Because of your willingness to write a story about reading, vote on a story about reading, and donate money, St. Agnes School will be receiving more than 440 BRAND NEW books for our school library!!!  That is more than one book per student!!!

We are blown away but the success of this program and beyond grateful to Indigo Adopt a School’s generosity.

A special thank you to the Downey family for their contributions that helped make our campaign the success it was. Her story is below.

Kirsten Downey



The right book, in the hands of the right child can be life-long transformation.

This becomes particularly true for children of diverse backgrounds. Such is the case at St. Agnes which has over 60 single parent households and 74 students with English as an Additional Language, offering both breakfast and reading clubs to support the needs of its students. For my own son with Apraxia ( a neurological disorder that impacts his ability to speak), this support can be as simple as having access to the one dinosaur book he hasn’t read yet as a way to support his language skills. The needs of St. Agnes’s students are coupled with the deep engagement of its educators, utilizing the resources at hand to enrich the learning of their students.

Having personally witnessed the success of a school who participated and won 2nd prize in Indigo’s ‘Adopt-a-School-Program’, up to date library resources are a necessity in any elementary school, but even more profound when unique needs are present. St. Agnes is a school that proves itself worthy in both its student population, but also through the character of its educators and programs.

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FCC Food Drive

Congratulations St. Agnes you have shown the true spirit of giving! Your contributions over the past few weeks will help put 360 meals together for families in need in our community. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Indigo Voting

Our school story is presently in 5th place only 5 hearts up on the 6th place school and only 9 hearts away from the 4th place school so the guaranteed $500 is in our grasp…we just need a few more hearts for St. Agnes.

Voting is over Sunday October 8th and to qualify for a 1 in 5 chance of the $2500 or a guaranteed $500 Kristen Downey’s story we have to finish in the top 5.

Here is the direct like to vote for St. Agnes and thank you for all your support.

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Blast from the Past!

The Grade 8 class took part in opening a time capsule today. After searching through some of the storage in the school over the summer the Grade 8 teacher uncovered this time capsule that was to be opened in 2015! Both staff and students were excited to see some of the memorabilia that revealed what life was like a short few years ago. There were a variety of news articles, letters from students, and the teachers favourite, a cassette tape with some of the best hits from 93-96! We hope they are inspired to create a time capsule of their own.

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Orange Day

Today we remember and lean from the impact that Residential Schools have had on this country. We come together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters.

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Ring Those Tills!

Ring those tills! Ring those tills!

You can support St. Agnes School in Moose Jaw by purchasing products from Chapters, Indigo, Coles.


Our school will receive:

  • Every dollar raised in-store and online to support your students and school library
  • Eligibility for a match of up to $1,200 from the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation
  • 30% off books at Indigo, Chapters and Coles when using program donations


This year there are a new ways to support:


Book Bonus:

For every two books donated online to your school, the Love of Reading Foundation will donate an bonus book to your school, up to 100 books!*


NEW! Adopt a School Story Contest

The five most-loved stories in each province will be entered into a random draw for a chance to win* a grand prize of a $2,500 Indigo eGiftcard to purchase books!  The remaining four top “hearted” schools in each province will win a $500 Indigo eGiftcard to purchase books.

Tell a Story, Give a Story

Every time an approved story is posted to your school’s Adopt a School profile, the Love of Reading Foundation will donate a book to your school, up to 20 books!*
NEW! Books for Updates

Love of Reading will donate one book to your school every time you make one of the profile updates outlined on your school’s dashboard!*

Please consider helping us in our mission to make the Library the best place it can be for our kids. It can be as simple as sharing a story so we can update our schools dashboard so let’s all work together to make this fundraiser great!


Start by visiting the Adopt-a-School website at for more information.

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Breakfast with Books

To help kick off our Indigo Adopt-a-School fundraiser we are going to host a “Breakfast with Book.” This Friday students can come to school in pyjamas and parents are invited come as well and experience breakfast with books from 8:30-9:00 am. What better way to start a Friday then to cuddle in with a book and a snack and read. There will be muffins and juice for everyone who joins us and set our fundraiser started in the right direction.

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Adopt-a-School Fundraiser

We are getting ready to kick-off our school’s Indigo Adopt-a-School fundraiser and we need your support. We are extremely fortunate to have had the Swift Current Indigo branch sponsor our school. This initiative has the potential to put thousands of dollars of books into our students hands. The effect this can have on a school is immeasurable so I urge you to look to family and friends to help support us in our journey to win. Contest begins September 16th.

For more information about this program please feel free to visit the website here.

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