Grade 8 Fundraiser MJ Warrior Tickets

Last week the grade 7 and 8 students took part in The Lung Challenge put on by the Moose Jaw Warriors and The Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  After participating in this activity the Grade 8’s now have the opportunity to take part in a fundraising activity for their class.

Last year the Grade 8’s took part in an Outdoor Education Program at Buffalo Pound instructed by  Mr. Marak and Mrs. Douglas. The students spent three days and two nights participating in a number of outdoor activities. The students were charged a fee of 25 dollars which then went to the purchasing of food supplies for the three days. However, this did not cover the full cost of the meals.  As this was our first time charging a fee for food, we were unsure of what the cost would be.

The grade 8 students now have the opportunity to take part in this Moose Jaw Warrior and Lung Association fundraiser. The Moose Jaw Warriors are offering one adult game ticket at the cost of 15 dollars for their games on Friday January 6th and Friday January 27th.  For every ticket sold the Grade 8’s will receive 5 dollars, which will go towards their Outdoor Education Program.

Please contact Mr. Marak if you would like to purchase a ticket.

Thank you very much for your support.



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